Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lenny the Dude and other Chickens

Lenny the Dude

I thought that it was time, given the title of my blog, to introduce some of the fowl members of our family, I have four children, no, seriously that was just my little joke . . . .

My love for chickens started when I was a little girl and my dad used to keep and breed many varieties, fresh eggs were taken for granted and there was often a brood of the cutest yellow chicks scratching about the place, we also had rabbits and guinea pigs along with the now infamous orphan lambs he used to smuggle home (he was hiding them from my mum, not rustling them)!

It took quite some time to persuade my 'other half' that chickens would enhance our life and bring untold joy, well I suppose I might have exagerated a little bit there but they definitely make me smile.

We started out in October 2008 rescuing seven ex-battery hens who had never stood on soil or eaten grass, our flock has since grown, mainly due to my sister and I discovering a local fur and feather auction where we tend to buy anything that the 'proper' chicken farmers don't want.

Lenny the Dude belongs to my youngest daughter Tilly who is my main partner in crime on the chicken front, she bought Lenny at auction with his two wives, Dolly and Molly. I don't know quite how Lenny the Dude got his name but it suits him. The top picture shows him about to impersonate a woodpecker on my window, he has decided he needs more corn! Now!

Lenny, Dolly and Molly

Our plan is to breed some chicks in the Spring, we have 3 cockerils now so hopefully at least one of them will be forthcoming and provide us with some fertilized eggs!

Meanwhile the snow has finally cleared leaving us with a bit of a mushy mess, the grass is at least green even though the chill in the air is still punishing. I've had quite enough now of the dark mornings and enforced hibernation, I'm ready to get out and get on!


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