Friday, 8 January 2010


Well the snow is back in full force, I managed to brave the roads to get Tilly to the bus stop this morning and when I got back the outside temperature was reading -11.5ÂșC

All this enforced hibernation has not pleased the chickens or Dave but I've been happy lighting the fire and getting down to some serious spinning.

I've been surrounded by clouds of fluffy wool, some deep red/rust cheviot, pale muted colours that remind me of a forest floor and some bright yellow/orange corridale as a brief nod to the sun.

I have also been in front of the PC trying to master the art of Link Love (or is it Love Link)? I really need to remember what its actually called if I have any hope of doing it without making a complete fool of myself. It's a great idea where folks can share their fan page links with likeminded crafters and 'spread the word'. Need to find a similar system for this blog! ☺

Though the snow is cold and wet I tried (in a brief, more positive moment) to find five things about it that I liked, I managed the following:

1. It will kill germs and maybe limit the spread of the flu virus, swine or any other variety.
2. We are forced to spend more time at home in hibernation mode, less time travelling, shopping and generally being entertained, possibly making us more in tune with nature.
3. Think how much we will appreciate spring, the sight of green grass, a snowdrop, actually they're white so make that a daffodil.
4. errr
5. nope, completely blank!

I called at the butchers yesterday and he did say that every week day this week has been like a Saturday for him, people were walking to his shop rather than driving to the supermarket, he said the snow had not only increased his trade but reminded him of the community life that used to be normal before everyone had a car and the supermarkets took over the world. . . . . so I suppose you could say that's number 4.

Well I'm heading back to getting my head in the clouds!


  1. Good luck with your new blog. The snow has certainly brought out the old community spirit, but I for one am pleased to see it going.

  2. I work for a farmer's co-op in the U.S., and our chickens have decided that it's far too cold to give us eggs! I just keep reminding myself that my daughter is tall enough this winter that I don't have to dig a trench in the snow around the house in order for her to follow me to the birdfeeders, so that's something to be thankful for in spite of the snow!

  3. Lots of good luck in your new cyber journey! You have a nice writing style, keep at it! It is definitely an adventure.

  4. I like your blog! I am now following you.

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  5. Great blog! Looking forward to hearing more about Dave, the chickens, and your work!! I love yarn...and admire peep with the talent to make their own!!

  6. OOh! I've only just found this comments bit, thank you everyone for your encouraging words. I'm really enjoying writing this and am now following loads of new blogs too. Who said community spirit is dead? it just got worldwide!