Friday, 5 February 2010

Gladly - A sad post

I'm sorry that today I am posting a rather sad blog . . . . you can stop reading now if you like and move on to more uplifting topics.

Today marks six months since the day my dad died of cancer, he had been ill for many years but lived until the moment he died. Like most dads he had many tasks, he was fixer of anything broken (and with three daughters this often included hearts), he was taxi driver, problem solver, legal adviser, singer of lullabys, master puppeteer, babysitter, lender of tools, gardener and listener.

The thing I am remebering today above all else is his ability to make everything feel better, As a young 20-something year old I can remember him adapting a saying to help me through some tough times . . . . it started with a reading of some sort where Jesus was bearing his cross on the way to crucifixion, he was refusing to be beaten and said "gladly this cross I bear". My dad changed this into "gladly my cross-eyed bear", ever since that day gladly has sat silently on my shoulder, he is a reminder to me that when things feel bad and perhaps others are trying to make things difficult for me, I have to smile and think of gladly my cross-eyed bear and simply carry on.


  1. So lovely that your thoughts and memories of your father are really positive. The glad game is something I play too!

  2. Our dads will always be with us, I lost mine in 1984 and I still get teary eyed when I think of him and miss him dearly.

    I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award,