Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Back to Work

I've been so tardy with my blog over the summer months, even I was suprised though to see my last blog date was in March!

A lot has happened over the summer, the worst being that my lovely husband and I parted company, we have managed to remain friends (so far) which can only be good for all the family.

On to more positive thoughts, I've found some new vigour at last and have finally plucked up the courage to add the 'and textiles' to the shop name, so I am now the proud creator of

North Yorkshire Yarns and Textiles

I aim to make up for lost time from now on and am seriously looking forward to new challenges and hopefully creative ideas.

I'm also trying out the Etsy Mini button, so here goes:


Meanwhile, I'm working on some dollshouse miniature bedding sets, 2 quilts and some handpainted cushions, oh and lots of yarn too


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